Commercial Property Lease Advice

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, RDS Commercial provides expert advice when negotiating all aspects of commercial property leases. Our knowledge of landlord and tenant lease legislation means that we can help either party with lease renewals, lease restructuring, rent reviews and lease breaks. We have recently broadened our expertise by our association with Sanderson Weatherall, a leading national independant firm of chartered surveyors, property consultants and business asset advisors.

With both landlord and tenant seeking a settlement in their best interest, using a professional Chartered Surveyor for advice is highly recommended. Knowledge of the local commercial property market, the relevant legislation together with an expert scrutiny of the lease terms enables us to obtain the best result for our clients.

Rent Reviews

We can advise on getting the optimum result on any rent renewal negotiations in accordance with the terms set out in the lease. We will advise on the technical and legal issues of the lease, having regard to the local commercial property market conditions. If the dispute leads to expert witness or arbitration, as chartered surveyors, we have the ability to prepare expert witness reports and to appear on behalf of clients.

Expert witness work

Most lease renewals and rent reviews are settled by agreement but, if this cannot be achieved, we are able to support you with expert witness submissions. When disputes occur in a rent review, the lease often provides for the case to be referred to an independent expert witness to determine a solution. As a chartered Surveyor, Robert Seares of RDS Commercial has many years of expertise and significant experience in acting as expert witness in such cases, preparing witness reports and advising clients.

Lease renewals

Lease renewals are a great opportunity for both landlords and tenants. For landlords, they are an opportunity to maximise the value of their assets and securing increased income. For tenants they provide a chance to lower the rent or at least enjoy incentives or breaks. However, lease renewals can also be a legal minefield and expert advice should be sought from chartered surveyors like Robert Seares who are experienced expert witnesses if your case has to go to arbitration.

The Oxfordshire commercial property market

Lease renewals are often affected by what is happening in the local area. RDS Commercial understands the local Oxford commercial property market and, acting for a number of businesses gives us an insight into factors affecting other businesses like development or road improvements.

As Chartered Surveyors, we follow the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) codes of practise and professional standards. With over 35 years in the property industry, we also have an appreciation of property trends to help our clients active the best results on lease renewals, whether they are a landlord or a tenant.

For commercial property lease advice or help with rent reviews or lease renewals call Robert today on 01993 709954 or email robert